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Infographic: Embracing the sounds of music

Hey there Lyrics Feast readers :)!

Music is amazing! You love it, we love it, and because of that we decided to create a nice infographic to express how we feel about it

Embracing the Sounds of Music

Hans Christian Andersen, famous Danish author, once wrote: "Where words fail, music speaks." A fitting statement for most music aficionados who often seek solace in the harmony of a good song.

Music is a universal form of self-expression with the capacity to evoke some serious sentiments. From hip-hop beats that inspire a gym workout, to that Natalie Imbruglia album because it reminds you of 8th grade prom, music makes the perfect companion for all defining moments in our lives.

Do you ever get those chills when struck by a fabulous piece of music? No, you're not just having a stoner moment; science actually proves that music's powerful effects produce dopamine, the "feel good" neurotransmitter located in the brain. This bad boy is responsible for that euphoric feeling many people get after an adrenaline rush, or a good workout. In short, it's the opposite of what most generally experience when they hear Justin Bieber.

Wanna learn more about "the sounds of music" and the human body? Take a look at our latest infographic!


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