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A Prayer For Your Heart Lyrics

Panic - let me search for you
Keep you close - so close
Get my strength through you
Vanish - all this endless pain
Come back to me
Let's turn back the time

The past calls me - longing to you
I'm still in love - with all that you did
Oh - I can't be aware
Of all the things that you are
Let me hold on to you
Like you are in my memories
Come back to me

Life - I won't let it in
Rather push it out
Dig my fear in substitutes
Pray - I will pray for your heart
To stop to bleed
And to cure that disease

Now I know that you love me still
It won't change a thing
I will never make you hope
I am your love lost
Don't disappear
You're such a good memory
Let me unchain you from me

This is my sole prayer
For blessing your heart
The strength you had
Has vanished in vain
I would give you a hand
If only that would help
It's time to restart
And to step into the world
Out of the dream
Into your life

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