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Adwoa Lyrics

When I saw you there
I knew while you are here
Baby, tell me, are you for real
Mama, tell me right now

* (Chorus)
Tell me, tell me now
Adwoa woh-oh-oh, adwoa

Sister, hear this
Play your part well
Do you feel it like I do
I said baby, tell me are you still for real
Right now

( * Repeat)

Tall man, short man, fat man, milk man, postman
Tax man, all man ...

( * Repeat)

Want to know, everybody want to know

Old man, young man, black man, pink man
Policeman, insurance man, all man, too

( * Repeat)
It's your brother, talk of problems
Happy feeling, mama hear this
Everything is together
We are going down, right on

( * Repeat)

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