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American Loser Lyrics

Who cares, there's too many people bothering me
Who's staring, you know that you'd better stop clobbering me
I swear, if you open your mouth I'll count to three

I've been crowned the American Loser
I have cried from State to State
No one wants to listen to my sad, sad song
They just sing along
They're singing my song

Run around naked, nobody's gonna be hearing your prayer
Even if you fake it, nobody's gonna be willing to care
You could travel the world and back but everybody has already been there


Who cares, there's too many stories out there, and that's fine
But it's not fair
How come nobody wants to listen to mine?
I thought I could make a fuss for your eyes
I thought if I wore you a friendly disguise
You'd never see through what I am in my mind
You'd never know who I am
But you see
It's not me


They're stealing my song

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