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Angels All Cry The Same Lyrics

I know a time to wade through your thoughts
Like an aeroplane cutting through across
No sense in crying when you could be upset
Without letting your face get wet
What's the use in fighting obtuse ideas
When no one bothers to think
Make it come out raw like straight through your jaw
Just your jaw is all I ask

I know it's hard to play other people's friends
Like you were their puppet provider
And you could make their strings bend
You can knock on water like wood
And push other people to do the same
And say, "Heaven is just a lonely man's game
And angels all cry the same."

Don't try to sink all by yourself
Get some help
There is a brickmaker who lives above your room
Who has been looking from some friends like you
Notes you write yourself when you're drunk
Before you go to sleep
They seem like good ideas and then you dream
And you wake up knowing how it must feel
To have been president and set all the precedents
And felt useless and a fool

I can't say when they'll let marriage out on gays
No one wants to see their friends caged
Unless you're not really a friend at all

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