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Anneliese Michel Lyrics

Hear a tale part frightening
And half the tale enlightening
A brave little girl's great sacrifice
To hold back the hordes of Hell

I was called upon
To see little Anneliese
Back in the freezing Winter of 1969
She was suffering
Complaining of voices
Chains were restraining
The girl to her bed

Such menacing messages
I can't believe the things she said

Fiendish faces haunting her mind
Hallucinations of the hideous kind
Her room was empty, but oh the smell
From the filth

She told me stories so hard to believe
Wicked possession from six entities

Why can't we save poor Anneliese?
Dear tell us what's wrong
What good is calling on a priest?
Possession too strong
We need to save her from the beast
Girl help us to fight
She's looking frail and feeling weak
A terrible sight

Doctors claiming it's all in her head
Demons draining her face turning red
Beyond the twilight
I saw the evil in her eyes
Waiting, hiding the devil inside
Changing places, I saw innocent die

Anneliese quit fighting
The entity claiming its prize
Cursing, writhing, the
Room cam alive
Flashing a fleeting last sinister smile



Accusations, they started to fly
Prosecution, we didn't know why
Such inhumanity
I could not believe my own eyes

The exorcism, they just didn't buy
They sent us to prison for taking her life
Unburied secrets were exhumed
They could not hide the truth
They opened her coffin to see what's inside
Her corpse was still perfect
Ten Years had passed by
Her body protected by the Holy Divine


Her very last words to the priest
Right before her release
Were 'tell my mother I am not afraid'
From Mother's bedroom she can see
Poor little Anneliese
Her tombstone less than 50 feet
From that very house!

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