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Another Day Lyrics

He wakes up cold at half past nine
Shakes it off and looks for his shoes
Gets to work he's right on time
What else could he do?

Day goes by it's off to die
Another day another to do
Train back home and steps upstairs
Lies down with the blues

She didn't mean to be so mean
She's just got a lot of living to do
She can't sit back and watch time fly
Waiting for the news

There's shots to take and plans to make
There's candy bars and pizza to chew
There's Monday morning and Friday night
Saturday Sunday too

Why wait for your rocket when you can't go?
Time comes you can't stop it when you don't know

He calls her up she's not at home
The message says you know what to do
He says her name and start's to smile
Here's to our rescue

The plane touched down at half past nine
The sun was giving way to the moon
He steps outside she comes and sighs
Everything was new

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