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Answers Lyrics

I want to find
The answers to this story
I feel left behind
No power and no glory

The sadness within
Has got to have a reason
Before I give in and cry

Looking at you
I feel the understanding
For what I go through
The wish to be demanding

You don't need to speak
Just try to be forgiving
If I turn away and leave

You feel that I know you
(I wish that you would be mine)
The feelings you go through
(Why would you leave me behind)
I'll always believe you
(There is so much you should know)
I'll always believe you
(But there is no time to show)

Tell me why
Why I have to be here
Can you show
Or tell me where I went wrong
Show me where I belong

The comfort you give
Is far beyond explaining
As long as I live
I hope you’ll be remaining

The look in your eyes
Is more than I can ask for
As if you were send by god

Whenever I’m lost
Thought no one would be saving
You’d be my trust
The one that I’d believe in

The truth that I seek
I didn’t hope to find it
Until you came by my life

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