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Anthem Lyrics

draw the flag line our dove's in the sky this war is over build your bridges up tall replant your seeds and pray for rain tell me is it lonely in the bottle the foundation slid down sand dunes 'til it shattered nothing matters but this song right now a breaking heart it still makes a sound even when there's no one near to hear it give me my pipe dreams puncture my feet with pins and needles the sky meets the horizon somewhere if there's confusion with just what you want hold yourself up to the light and see what you're made of don't let them get the best of you do you hear do you hear the whispers programmed to fail and destined to crack like the ball against the bat these words that used to hold no water collect and fill this bucket of blood and you dream when that's all you have left and words will never describe the way that we feel and this time the music might fail to speak for me when you dream does it seem all too real now

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