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Bedroom Music Lyrics

Girl I Really Love Youu
Mr Hood
Wassup Ma
Shit Thats How You Feelin
No Pantys and Bra
Ohh You Know Its Goin Down Rite
Believe That
See I Been Waitin On This All Day
See While I Been In The Studio Grindin Workin Hard
I Been Thinkin Bout You
Get Into That Good All Day
This What I Want You To Do
Make Your Way To The Third Floor
My Penthouse
Sexy Walk Too
Fix You A Beatiful Hot Shower
I Got The Roses For You
Ill Be In There Just A Second

Okkkay Bedroom
No Panties On
You Fucking Rite
Thats What I Like
Let Me Stroke Your Body
Put You On Top Of That Dresser Mami
Tryna Dig Into Your Treasure
So Deep You'll Never Find Me
Grey Groose Wit A Lil Treat
Lets Have A Pussy Party
Let Get This Party Started
I Know You Oh-So Horny
I Know You Want Me Baby
I Know You Need Me Baby
I Can Tell You Feenin Crazy
But The Way Your Body Shakin
Tattoos All Over Your Ass
Dayum Rite Thats Gutta Lady
Ima Put That Ass To Sleep
Cause I Got That Tranqualizer
Yours Legs Together
Please The Vibe Tho
I Been Decided
Let Me Inside It

And You Know What I Mean By That
What You Mean Hood
See Them Pretty Lips
Seperate Them For Me Ya Heard Me
Play Wit That Lil Pussy
And I Might Use That You Know That Ice
If Uhm Necessary
Oh Yeah
I Cut My Phone Off
So My Homies Cant Get To Me
Ya Feel Me

Okay Round Two
Down You
Them BackShots
I Pound You
Now Gone And Throw That Ass Back
Ima Give To You So Nasty
Smack Smack Smack
Back Back Back
Dayum That Ass Phat
Gutta I Came Back
Still In Motion
Her Body Heat
Is Hella Smokin
Let Me Put My Tongue Between It
Naw Im Joking
But I Really Really Was Hopin
When I Get Into That Ocean
Feelin Like You World War
My Explosion
So Open Wide
No Time For Chokin
No Time For Chokin
Suck It Rite
No Time For Chokin

And I Told Her
Ima Make You Cum All Night
And If You Thank Im Playin
I Got On That Barry White
Straight When I Put This Into You
So Depp
Swear To God
You Might Forget Your Name And All Your Friends
Pussy Money Weed Is All We Need
Your Body
And Mines
Thats All I Feen
And Im Gettin Into It Tryna Manuver While Your Fluid Drippin
I Puts In Work
Strictly Business
Im Nasty Aint It (x2)
What Your Pussy Sayin
Man That Was Amazing
I Appreciate You Really Takin This Journey Wit Me Tho
See Nobody Do It Mr Hood Do It Huh
Nice Into It Your Body
I Bet The Neighbors Know My Name
I Bet Your Best Friend Wonderin Where You Been At
Call Me When You Wake Up
I See You Next Time Ha

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