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Brother Man, Brother Man Lyrics

And, Here Comes the Six Foot Four, the Rough and Raw
To Blow Up the Mic With Rhymes You Like
I Strike the Stage in a Rage and Burn Just Like a Twelve Gauge
Shotgun, Cause Son, the Shane Is Not the One
The Noise Bringer, Humdinger, Funky Rhyme Stinger
Bring Your Girl to My Show and I'ma Swing Her
The Lil' Daddy Got It Down Pat, Yeah
I'm Like the Name Heavy D, I Sound Fat
Word For Word, Line For Line, Uh
I Gets Mine and Show I'm Poetically In-clined
If Rap Was Made By ? Then Redeemed Because
You Ain't Got no Ahhhhhice Creeeeeeeeam
So Take a Seat in the Rear
Don't Dare to Compare, Cause I Swear, You Gets Nothin Here
The Way You See Me Knock Out the Next Brother
You'd Think My Moms Had a Talk With Ll's Mother, Huh
Aiy-yi-yi-yah, Momma Mia
Man I Burn the Next Mc Like Gonorrhea
Knock the Boots On a Girl Named Althea
Then Pull Her Friend By the Name of Maria

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