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Buy You A Drank (Remix) Lyrics

Shawty Snap (Yeah)
Ooooh Oooh(Yeah)
Snap Ya Fingers
Do Ya Step
You Can Do It All By Yourself

Excuse me but this verse
has not been Russell Simmons approved uh-uh
you won't see it on Run's house uh-uh
you won't see it at a nun's house
my New York nigga said he heard it at son's house
talkin bout how this ho is poor as my low is baby is my low is maybe I'm just bogus cuz she don wan't you to buy her a drank
Swizz said she ain't got no money in tha bank
and she be standin there cuz it's cameras tryin to show yo legs off you ain't Amerie. If I fall in love a girl gon live on radeo
until dat dayo she take the monorail
and I don't wont no gurl dat will answer to ayo
make it more harder make me put some work in
you get to flirtin play her just perfect
f**k a drank I'ma buy tha bar if ya worth it

[Verse 1]
Baby girl wats yo name lemme talk to ya let me buy you a drank I'm T-pain (T-Pain) you know me (Word-up) Konvict music Nappy Boys I know the club (number 1,1,1) close at 3 what's tha chances of you rollin wit me back to tha crib show yo how I live let's get drunk and forget what we did

I'mma Buy You A Drank
Then I'mma Take You Home With Me
I Got Money In The Bank
Shawty What you Think 'Bout That?
Find Me In The Grey Cadillac
We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Oh, Ooh Ooh

We In The Bed Like
Ooh Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh

(Bun B)
Bartender tear the foil of every bottle of Bub UGK don't buy out the bar we buy out the club next round's on ya boy Bun B I got a tab that's as long as my eldog super slide slab.Grab a hold of the
handy the trill you won't reget it
tonight could be the night that yo life change if you let it we gon have a couple drinks and act up once you go underground girl you won't want to come back up

[Pimp C]
Money gettin stacked up my karma is healthy me good and my lifestyle wealthy maybe you could help me tonight I'm kinda loney I ain't no trick,I ain't no fake or no fony the truth of the matter is I'm rocked up but I don't gamble in the streets I keep it socked up I'm very respectful and I don't play games let me buy you a drank and I'ma press on that thang


[Trey Songz]
Wat's yo name I'm Tremaine I got game to days wit these danes don't complain sayin yo name pop champagne
wit my nigga T-pain V.I.P, G.I.B what you know about Louis the 13th
You ain't no stipper and I ain't in love let me give you a tip while we up in dis club. Let me buy you a drank ooh girl Ima take ya home wit me I got money in tha baa-aaaa-nk
We in the bed like Whoa ooh ohh oh oh ooh

[Verse 2]
Lets Get Gone
Walk It Out
Now Walk It Out (Thank about it, ahhh snap)
Now Rock Rock Rock Rock
You Can Do It All By Yoself


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