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Chubby Boy Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah....

I got 'em sayin

[Chorus x2]
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her pussy pop

[Verse 1]
I'm the reason why them niggaz cookin all of that crack
I'm the reason why that nigga gotta gun in yo back
I'm the season, why, pimpin gotta step out fly
When you do it how you do it, don't you do it so tight
Cause I told you, set you down, hold you
2 million, 3 million, 4 million showed you
Crackin gator boots, platinumized boots
Dr. Pepper can colored turbo coupes (Skert)
Homie pimpin' is alive and it's doin so well
Homie pimpin' puttin big long dick in ya gal
Still Chevrolet doors, mink on the floors
And the bank account nigga filled wit so many o's
Nobody rush me off, nigga dust me off
I'm a motherfucking pimp playa trust me dawg
Jam hoes in lambo's outside of the club
Than step up in that thing and tell them niggaz what's up

[Chorus x4]
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her pussy pop

[Verse 2]
I got a brand new benz and it's heiniken green
In the front license plate read pussy machine
The most beautifulest thing shorty you've ever seen
Pimpin sew it where you show it nigga fresh and so clean
I'm the reason why young niggaz up they game
Plenty many bad bitches say they glad I came
I'm a legend in the bricks, playa check it fa real
Downtown mean mug nigga hard ta kill
Shorty shinnin ain't nuttin but a lil bitty thang
Three-hundred sixty-five diamonds beamin up in the ring
I'm the man girlfriend, got more money than them
Lea, Paul, Lil Carl and that nigga wit them
Oh so called "D" boy, stunnin fu gazy
In the hood say your lil girl look like baby
I'm the reason why niggaz gotta get up and get it
Right white one's playa wit the shirt and the fittie

[Chorus x4]
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her pussy pop

[Verse 3]
When I come through your city they go who is that
Young fella pimpin yella in a yellow Maybach
Nigga I came to show my chain, hardcore to the bling
Playa let's go inside where the bitches at [ruff]
Let me see it, pussy nigga, couldn't be it
If ya get it like ya say ya get it, nigga 10 a ki it
Cut the whole cake down, flood out the town
Service cocaine, rogaine, x and that brown
Buy the new 7 playa, push on them hatas
Step out witcha left out, homie steppin in gators
I ain't reppin crystal that's a bunch of bullshit
Y'all ain't give a nigga nuttin', suck a niggaz dick
Than I open up my coat let her see what I tote
If a nigga feelin frog than it's murder she wrote
Hotter than Maimi in the month of July
Got your girl dick ridin', chubby boy still fly

[Chorus x4]
Go chubby boy, make the block hot
Go chubby boy, make her pussy pop

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