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Clara Sullivan's Letter Lyrics

Dear Mr. Editor, if you choose
Please send me a copy of the "Labor News"
I've got a son in the Infantry
And he'd be mighty glad to see
That somebody somewhere, now and then
Thinks about the lives of the mining men
In Perry County

In Perry County and here about
The miners simply had to go out
It was long hours, and substandard pay
Then they took our contract away
And now fourteen months is a mighty long time
To face the goons on the picket line
In Perry County

I'm twenty-six years, a miner's wife
There's nothing harder than a miner's life
But there's no better man than a mining man
You couldn't find better in all this land
The deal they get is a rotten deal
Mountain greens and gravy meal
In Perry County

We live in shacks that the rain comes in
While the operators live high as sin
Ride Cadillac cars, and drink like a fool
While our kids lack clothes to go to school
Sheriff Combs, he has it fine
He runs the law and owns a mine
In Perry County

I believe, the truth will out some day
That we're fighting for jobs at decent pay
Why, after work, my man comes in
With his wet clothes frozen to his skin
Diggin' coals, so the world can run
And operators can have their fun
In Perry County

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