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Complimentary Dismemberment Insurance Lyrics

Sick to the death of laying 'round here
Reading my clippings from these past years
(Come. Give up and go.)

Opening up the Book of Daniel
The power of dreams so does remind me
Of how to follow my heart
(So. Follow your Heart.
Let's. Follow our Hearts.)

And at this scary merry second
Dependent sounds and small beginnings
Taking my winnings
Cost me all I (got)

(Complimentary Favor's all I) (got)
(Insuring My Liberty is all I) (got)
Dismembering me completely.
(Who's the owner)

My schedule is finally wide open
The time has now officially come
To get to know my own garden

You got me desperately and needy
Love must be tested but my greedy
Neighbors cannot just leave me alone

Losing myself in my home.
The children have already known.
Presuming the best and believing (it all).

Who's the owner
Who's the owner here
Who's the owner here
Believing all things

We are being led to places we don't know
But surely do know that I am sick of myself
In my mirror here
Oh-so-sincerely we are free to carry all your groceries
To thee Acme

You know that I prefer you to myself this time
I don't know nothin'
But I am expecting you to smooth me too
'Cause I got edges
'Cause I have known the lowest high
That there is, oh but you--

You Bear all things
You HOPE ALL things


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