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Conceited (Remix) Lyrics

{Remy Ma}

I let um touch it, bring it, play it, watch it, turn it, leave it, im conceited
And I look too good for a remix, they don't call me a bitch for no reason
See, I need silence when I'm speakin, (shh shh) yeh just like that
I told this dude I missed him then turned ma fones off and got missin
Listen, when Remys in the system aint no tellin will I fuck him will I kiss him
I lick ma lips but I'll never kiss um
See I'm nasty, but thats nasty
I throws it back when he throws it at me
And we always make up coz he trys to Mac me
And i know these chicks jealous thats why I'm laughin
Pretty Remy, Remy pretty either way it's accurate


Oh nooo, why your girl let Pap in
Yankee hat with the Pelly Pelly jacket
I'm grippin, and grippin on a Magnum
He grillin me and im about to clap um
Don't believe the rumours they all liars
They mad coz im close 2 rim like car tyres
I pay for no bitch, lust is free
I'm like $1,000 imma G!
And listen, i'll wire ya money jaw, what he think he provin?
I'll wire money like Weston Union on the highway
With Kia in the all black 2 seater…
License behind ____
Keep A Fly Sneakers, Supply Reefer, Fly Diva Act Live skeezer
She'll Leila Ali ya
I'm shittin on rappers like diarrhea
_________________ The Black Mafia
Bye, cya.

See I look too good for this necklace,
And I look too good to be wearin this,
Y'know I look way too good to be innocent,
I'm conceited, its the remix.
See , I look too good to be drivin that,
And I look too good to be buyin that,
Y'know I look way too good to be tryin that.
I'm conceited, its the remix

{Lil Wayne}

Call me, Young Weezy baby
Grown ass ladies wana come rape me
And Baby pays me, dollas and cents
And I aint conceited, I'm convinced
See, I aint your boyfriend, I'm your pimp
I'll pull out my pistol
And shoot at your lips pow pow mama
I'm just spoilt mama
Don't have a cow mama
See I jus spend a hundred thou on a smile mama
Imma laugh so hard when it aint even funny
Imma get ma shine on when it ent even sunny
I'm money, sittin in a coupe like a tub dem twentys
I Had Twenty ones But They Rub
Top off
But when I put it on its soft
Put that thing in first, navigation get lost
Lets talk, she think she on some fly ass shit
But I'm the Birdman Jr. I could buy that bitch


The baddest, like y'all ain't know
See Trina out chillin where y'all can't go
That yacht takes me where ever I please
In the middle of the ocean and get on them jet ski's
My, hair weave is about 5 g's
All them natural blondes so jealous of me
I, jus giggle when I turn my cheek
I'm the queen of Miami, Yes that's my beach.
I'm so exotic got diamonds all over my golden body
I'm never drivin, I'm always ridin, back seat Phantom, Maybak probably
I, miss me with the drama lil mama
Already got numbers, now im workin on commerce
I promise, I'm over heated
I'm hot, I'm fire, I'm so conceited.

See I look to good to be fuckin you ,
And I look too good to be lovin' you,
You know I look way too good to be stuck with you.
Im conceited, this the remix
See, I look too good to be gettin' wit,
And I look too good to be havin' kids,
Cuz you know, I look way too good to be in the crib.
I'm conceited, this the remix.

{Jae Millz}

Look, Im way 2 fly to be sweatin you
And I get too much top 2 be blessin you
You know Im gettin way too much money to be stressing you
You's a birden, mami u can fly like birdman
See this singer I was layin on,
She says she love it when my broke with my shades is on
Either the black Gucci's or the tinted D&Gs
Probably why im always getting hated on (hell yea)
Feelin myself, why wouldn't I, how couldn't I,
Shit on birds, ________, why shouldn't i
Im So so Harlem,
How you gonna front like ya doobie rap straight
When hair fucked up and ya louis bag fake
I gotta stunt wen I float in the coupe
To the death
Jae Millz!

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