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Creature Of Habit Lyrics

I went to jail in Houston in 1993
when i got out a month later they handed 60 bucks to me
I took that 60 dollars to a small and dark hotel
I said one bedroom for the night sir please your best non-smoking cell
creature of habit from the black lagoon of death
and I can sit out now and well as I can taste your breath

at the restroom at the BP I'm taking out my key
pull out the baby changing table and do a big L I N E
and it's gonna be alright and it's gonna be okay
I'm selfish and IU'm stubborn but I confront this everyday
creature of habit from the omni-verse of fear
no band t-shirt mating calls no honing devices and bitter beer

it's amazing what you can learn and it's crazy what you can believe
drinks away with strangers and in-flight magazines
sometimes it's just good to hear the music from the other side of the room
sometimes you just need prospective and a different point of view
creature of habit on the speed dial of the wretch
coke dick, whiskey shit, son of some unknown bitch

all right....

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