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Da Carjack Lyrics

(feat. Project Pat)

[Verse 1: Gangsta Boo]
I'm a call my nigga Project Pat
Dog I got them ends
I need 20's navigation 500 S Benz
Real quick
Can flip the script
I wanna be clean nigga
I wanna be seen nigga
Come and make this cheese nigga
I know where that nigga lay
I know where that nigga stay
I know you can get him, cause I fucked that boy the other day
Don't forget to beep me twice
When you get the prize
I'll be sittin here quiet
Waitin for tonight

[Verse 2: Project Pat]
I'm a let the gun talk once I find where he's livin
Or in the street if I catch his ass slippin
Hope when I ask for his shit
He start trippin
Bullets pop off, get his shit
Then i'm dippin
To your chop shop
Cause them cars you be flippin
I'm a get the one that'll fit your description
Must be the boy who you said who was trickin
Hit you on the horn cause this cheese I ain't missin

[Verse 3: Gangsta Boo]
Man look, I don't really talk on phones, they be tapped
You just make sure you get here
And you get back
I'll guide you for a minute
Since you don't know where he stay
Winchester, King's Gate, first left, driveway
Man ???????????????????????
I'm a be relaxin in my mansion like you've got a key
When I get the car
I'm gonna take it to ????????????
Hit me when you finished
What's the business
Are you diggin me

[Verse 4: Project Pat]
I do crime anywhere
And escape like Houdini
Say what you want
For the cheese i'm your genie
Saw the trick ridin in his hood lookin cleanie
Benzo with ???????? so i'm a scheme he
Never saw that jack move but it was meanie
Caught him at the light put the tone to his beanie
Blew his brains out, ???????????? on the scenie?
Thangs got a mess, but I got away cleanly

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