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Death Machine Lyrics

Looking for an answer
And I'm looking for a clue
Looking for a chance to keep me sane

Looking for some peace of mind
Tell me what to do
Got to find a way to ease the pain

No one spoke
And silence ruled the world
And then the screams
Still today
I hear the pain we made
Death Machine

Looking for a man who used to be a friend of mine
Looking for someone to share the blame

Out there in the desert
I almost lost my mind
Got to find a way to shake the shame

Sky turned white
And all the world was blind
Nothing was seen
Then the sights and sounds came crashing down
Death Machine

Looking for somebody who can tell me where I am
All directions look the same to me
Looking for somebody who pretends to give a damn
Trying not to see what I still see

Sky was red and all the world was blood
Or so it seemed
Science ruled
It never does no good
Death Machine
Death Machine

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