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Decibel Lyrics

Take up all your time
Kick up your heels, lookin' fine
And you come riding blind
You come rollin' back a while

Wind blowin' on ya
We're gonna move on and on, yeah
Sweating heat, soak you all
Being out will make you crawl all night

Oh, decibel

Has you from deep inside
You were waving, then you smiled
Give me rock and roll
They're in love,
Love in the rain
They're in there, rocking standing proud

That's the history of rock and roll

Rain is coming on
We're gonna ride along
A hundred miles in all
Getting in night till dawn

Spread the joy coming on
Yeah, hard and long
Ooh, staring down
With a shock, hit the ground

Oh, decibel
Ooh, decibel
You come rolling back a while
Ooh yeah, decibel

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