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Devils In My Head Lyrics

Nobody's mad like me. I don't know how to speak
Sometimes my eyes are open, sometimes my knees are weak
Nobody's mad like me. I like to see the sky
But I would rather see it baby from the other side

Riding on wings of fire, nothing could get me higher
Nobody knows me, knows what I desire

I know where the lighting strikes
I know why the vampire bites
I've spoken with the restless dead
I know the minds of rats
And the wrong side of the tracks
I hear the devils in my head

Nobody's on your side, forgotten how to scream
sometimes your eyes are blind, sometimes you're in my dreams
Nobody's on your side, you think you're oh so smart
But you got a stone cold stone, not a beating heart

Riding on wings of flame, never be this high again
nobody sees you, nobody sees your pain

I know where the black flags fly
I know where immortals die
I have heard the mountain giants tread
I have seen the death of worlds
I know the wizards words
I hear the devils in my head

Nobody's crazy like me, I'll make you believe
Sometimes I wear other faces, sometimes I sit and grieve
Nobody's crazy like me, I know the nights alive
But you can't be too sure just who's on your side
Ride the electric storm, to the infected dawn
Nobody would believe what we have spawned

I know the way to hell
I know the padded cell
I have seen many heroes die
I know your nightmare too
And who sends them to you
The one who makes the children cry

I see the cruel insane
I feel their unknown pain
I feel the knives inside their heads
I see we are all doomed
I see blood on the moon
I hear the devils in my head

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