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Dirty Life Lyrics

Big city lights
We've got the blinds shut tight
We can keep our secrets here
We can talk on a table top mirror
We live a dirty life
But baby that's all right
We ain't got to worry about what we do
We keep it going as long as it feels good

We get fucked up and drive
We're loosing all our lives
We ain't got to worry bout what we do
Problems aren't a problem come a little bit closer dear

I'm sexy, confident,
Oh yeah i'm dangerous
So leave your boyfriend behind
Tonight it's going to be us
When i come into town
I'm bringing nothing but love
I'm bringing nothing but thrills
I'm bringing nothing but drugs
A lady killer i am
But i wont kill you tonight
I'll show you how to keep up
I'll think you might do all right
Bring that bottle of pills
Cause whats yours in now mine
Tonights the time of your life
And there wont be a next time

We get it we know what we want.
I'm going to show my creative side and tear you apart tonight.

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