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Dkny Lyrics

A young lady was talking to me the other day
Ask me if I heard a new song called B.o.b. ( Battery Operated Boyfriend),
And when I think about it from as far back as I can think,
Almost every woman I can remember had one,
But I ain't the kinda nigga that just take that lightly like oh that's nothing,
That's normal for a woman to have a dildo,
My mind goes to why do they need it, cause we absent,
Then I ask myself why are we absent,
Then I think about us Being takin into slavery where learning to read was forbidden,
Can't read won't have a proper education, no proper education,
Can't get a proper job, don't have a proper job,
Don't have money to live and eat,
Gotta eat to live so you do the only other thing you know
That'll definitely put food on the table,
Hustle dope on the streets, Hustle dope,
Might have to kill another nigga,
Kill somebody go to the Feds, go to the Feds for ever ever ever, get to sleeping with them boys, do that might contract aids, get out give that to your woman, she give it to the next nigga, you and that nigga start funkin, one of the niggas kill the other, then it's the same cycle all over again, we absent, dead or in jail, no I ain't that kinda nigga

I am not the cryin' bitch
I get up out to try and grit
Put my vocal tape I sell it then ima get to buyin' shit
Made it up out the lions pit
No fuckin' denying this is
Some high n mighty spit
I'm rhymin' in the year the Mayans writ
Destruction, introductions to new Front men
Working for the government
Snups and lust they trust in
I was in the golf when U.S
Had a bust reduction
But for the soldiers stuffed
In dust we gotta turn up the cups then
And party with they families
We kickin' it to anarchy
We granted these insanities
The kid would get humanity
Vanishing is who standing in vanity
Damn it B L double-O D you scammed that T
You die under canopy
I don't trip off with another nigga do
And I don't lip off to another niggas crew
If I ain't got a trigger to
I'm tryin' to live a few
They say do yo thing you different kinda nigga you

Close to my ragin'
Far from a jiggaboo
Do your thing
You different kinda nigga you
Over came the shit that they be giving you
Do your thing you different kinda nigga you
Do your thing you different kinda nigga you

I'm a different
B R double-E D
And I live it
See the people lovin' on me
And I give it
My heart away including the arteries
I don't be hollow boy like me if you ain't want a soluble
I dues it
How you gonna change the game
If you ain't got game changin' music
And I lose it
Whenever niggas ain't the same
And they plain Jane and April fools it
I beastly slipped and like my sides is greasy
Till the industry on the eyes I ain't so easy
Lookin' at me like a leopard
Now they lovin' the keffer
Lookin' like I'll never make it
Lookin' like salt and pepper
While my musics so Sebastian Bach
When the world ain't thinking like I'm thinking
Better dummy it up but the cash is stopped
I gotta smash it a Asher Roth that'll shake the spot
And so he has so much time in his song and that gots to say a lot
Tryin' to get paper fore the paper stop, I'll make a plot
To make my bank account look like Vegas minus the beggin' twat
It's effortless for me to pepper it, with cleverness
But they just gimme a glimpse of the pimps whos they be steppin' in
Got em guessing what I'm finna (do)
Never change my lyrics (to)
Be jeffin with you jigga (boo)
Different kinda nigga (you)

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