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Don't Like Me Lyrics

(feat. Young Buck)

[Intro: Young Hot Rod]
Know what it is mayne!
It's ya boy HotRod a/k/a... Mick Swagger!
Whattup Jimmy?
Feel like they hate mayne.
We gon' do this...
Yeah! Yeah...
GGG-GGG- G-Unit!

[Chorus: Young HotRod]
I'm feelin' like this niggas don't like me (yeah!)
It's pro'ly cause this niggas don't like me. (whooo!)
I polish with my wood green, while I'm on good, mayne
Yeah, up in the hood, mayne. - Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!

Feelin' like this lil' niggas hate me (take me!)
It's pro'ly cause this lil' niggas hate me. (take me!)
I'm shining when I'm pop up, cause I'm on rocked up
Nigga getcha guap up. - Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!

[Young Hot Rod:]
Check me out! - I came for the Loot (uh-huh!)
Livin' in tha +Fastlane+, call my house the Coop. (the Coop!)
And it's all in the wrist boy, watch me shoot
+Ballin'+! (Baaaaaallin'!) I'm hittin' on net, no both. (okay!)
And I'm hit a stay, lil' nigga you's a fluke! (okay!)
Don't want fifty all of me, I love to puke! (whooooooooooo!)
Act crazy when I show up, (yeah!) my hits tell the flow-up (yeah.)
Naaah, I ain't goin' grow up, I'm a tortures kid. (tortures kiiiiiiiiiiid!)
I'm in tha Lee[? ], while you chillin' on my grand view, (whoo!)
Got your prize on 'em; they don't shine like my ears, dude. (naaah!)
100's of interviews, yeah this people love me! (they love me!)
I told ya bitch I'm good luck, so she robs me. (hahahaaaaa!)
No Hummer! You ugly, I'm handsome! (whooo!)
Naah, I ain't stingy, I got hoes; you can have some! (you can have some...)
Stop nigga, don't arrest 'em, (whoo!) you catch mo' B's
When 100 niggas do somethin', go nigga ask 'em! (Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!)


[Young Buck:]
You never know when death's comin', all you hear is gunshots (BOOM!)
Lil' kids get to runnin, old ladies get off the block. (yeah!)
When the popsicle the truck music comes to a stop
Niggaz get on the floor with they front doors locked. (C'MON!)
Syringes and sirens the only thing on the street
People act like they don't know who did it, but they notice me.
Every day's a death threat (WHAT?) - but I ain't dead yet (WHAT?)
So I go put a hole in a nigga from the next set. (BLAAAT!)
Don't know where I slept at, just know where my Tec at
It's the 1st of the month, my bitch ain't got her check yet.
Juvie left me in California, I don't respect that
I love him too much to beef - so I'm a accept that.
But I'm a just step back, and focus on Buck (YEAH!)
Tired of ridin' in yours, I'm bout to buy my own truck. (C'MON!)
Got to try my own luck, +Get Rich Or Die Tryin'+
It's G-Unit 'til I'm gone! - Lord knows I ain't lyin'; niggaz...


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