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Don't Worry Lyrics

Don't worry your mind, hey my nation.
Don't worry your mind, hey my people.
Don't worry your mind, hey hey.
Don't worry your mind.

During the year 1985
there is a whole lot of things Pato Banton realized
That when you pocket dry people pass you by
But as you pocket full you have friends like flies
Getting too far that's when they start to critize
And spread a lot of rumors diluted with lies
But girls will be girls, boys will be boys
Some times me play fool
The fittest of the fits will survive
Physically fit so you can socialize
Mentally fit so you can realize
And know what is wrong from what is right
From the spiritually fit you get eternal life.

Now me naar go tell a man bout' him past history
You should a learn out when you was a pickney
You fi learn all your roots if you don't know them already
Think wisely and to read them all the scriptures frequently
With an open heart you would see clearly
Our day to day life is just prophecy
??? famine in Africa was long time prophecied
Children having children that happens daily
Take a look in your good book and you we'll see
Man knows the true but prefers fantasy
spending all the money pon LSD,
Cocaine, heroin, opium and speed
Some of them realize before it get too deep
While some gone a graveyard to catch some sleep
??? it just don't funny
cause' in Babylon everything is money
Every day a man a kill a man fi couple of pennies
When it comes to murder the judge ???
And it makes it even worst if you ???
Ten times worst if you ???
Justice is a joke in this country
So the best thing to do is ???

Well if life was a tape recorder I would press rewind
And replace my crooked days with a righteous life
to all the youths in the ghetto I leave this saying
If you can't do the time don't do the crime.

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