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Don’t You Be The Judge Lyrics

This next song is called "Don't You Be The Judge"! And I'd like all of you to make up a verse right now, 'cause I'm gonna call on you, so you'd better be ready! And in the end, the band is gonna come in!

Don't you be the judge me,
Don't me be the judge my,
Don't my be the judge I,
Don't I'll be judge.

You in the front row! Go ahead and sing your verse! You can do it!

We all walk far too tall
Skeptically at the mall
Laying down the old law
Don't you be the judge.

Very good!

Okay, let's see, you up in the third level, yeah, that's you!

The sad teens goin' steady
Are out of love already,
Now junked up on confetti,
But don't you be the judge.

Yeah, all together now!

Okay, now you guys, back here behind the stage, yeah, it's hard to see back there.

Those at the X-mas party
In the Atlantic City
Are fishing for some pity
But don't you be the judge.

I think I'll marry you!

Okay, let's see now, way at the top, 7A, yeah that's you, seat 54!

He's hot stuff with his tall hat,
Only likes things he's good at.
But under that his hair's flat
Still don't you be the judge.

All together, now!

Okay, you right there, with all the beers in your hands, yeah, yeah...

The young ones claim their spirits back
Still Mom insists on wearing black.
Dad's sad sack has come right back
Still don't you be the judge.

Okay, I think I'll take this one right here, yeah, I'll take it.

When we were swimming in the womb,
The Lord named us all after him
Who's being in us and this room
"Daniel" means "God's my Judge."

Won't you be my judge, Lord????????

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