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Embers Lyrics

At the end of the world
Is there a path for my words for you to reach them
I'm seeking another you
In every eye I'm running through
See me, I'm standing
Do you see me burning, nothing has a name
Everyone is allaying
But I'm still on the train

On the edge of our wound
Dawn has given me a room
Where I can crumble
Foolish scenes of the night
I saw your face in the light
There you where smiling
I hope you don't fear the dark
Now that no beats rules your heart anymore
Please don't you fear the dark
Just embrace the stars
Now you're part of the night
You'll be safe in their light

The red clouds in the evening
When sun meets the moon
Birds waltzing in the morning
I know it's all from you

I guess you've try
I know you've try...

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