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Every Effort Made/Lay The Blame Lyrics

Holding this moment in the palm of my hand
This thing still means so much to me
Beliefs that have stood the test of time
A force that surrounds us penetrates us binds us all together
These days belong to us
It's in the things that we said, and all that it meant
Ideals that won't fade and every effort made
And it's so much more that just fucking clothes
It's in the way that you cannot sit still
Chewing on words but spitting out actions
Fire the fire that burns so deep inside
The fire that keeps hardcore alive

Again- again left with this lesson that is not mine to learn
Tears regret and painful questions it smashes your spine
Steals all that time
And takes the eyes right out of your head
But we don't point a finger
Nobody says a word
But it rips us apart
That old man I looked up to
Passed out on the floor
That stupid crazy motherfucker
Taking all those lives
The one the love my mother
Poisoned from inside
What it did to me ripped us apart
And you how did it get to you
The smartest of us all
It knocked you down and beat you up
But neither you or it would ever let it go
And again I pay the price

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