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Execution Protocol Lyrics

Who would have thought
It would be the last kiss?
The phone hung silent
And the words spoken
Infected him like a disease.
With a world turned upside down
He fell into the black night sky.
The roses withered
With the sound of razors
Singing his farewell.
He wrote her a song -
"My heart was yours," he said,
And now his heart rested
In broken pieces in her hands.
It was too late.
The memories had faded
Into his open wounds
And not even her love song
Could whitewash the blood from the wall.
Not even his love song
Could touch her heart.
Only heartbeats pierced the silence,
Paced to the thoughts of
Her smile in the sunshine.
He lay peacefully on the tile floor,
But not in peace.
The sound of sirens
Turned into her steps,
And as he saw her
The final tears fell
Because she was still just a dream

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