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Face Card Lyrics

Face card, face card
Why use your bank card when you can use your face card?!

Club owners remember my face
Parked my car in front of the place
No one interrupting my space
And I ball hard 'cause I got racks in my safe
Feel so good I got to say grace
Girls wanna fuck me on the first date
What I'm gon' do with all these big faces
New Gucci boots but fuck the shoe laces
Smoking on purp that smell just like grapes
And I don't smoke mid, I don't like the taste
Buy my ace of spades by the case and I don't have to pay I just use my face

Grass cut, so I see the snakes
Hoes congregate like I'm T.D. Jakes
Bitches fuck with me they know that I'm straight
And the plug give me cakes on strength of my face
Count to save a ho go put on your case
I fucked her in the face and put her in place
I'm good, anywhere for you and I'm safe
And I keep a big pistol right on my waist
Sipping on lean then drunk me two Ace
Whole sixteen I can't feel my face
And they just let me out, murder was the case
Had a shiny suit on like Puffy and Ma$e

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