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Fall And Rise Lyrics

The symbolism of what transpired
A representation of what's meant to be
Wilted, withered, like it was once before
Set free from its destiny

To grow, to search, to find
Inner peace and satisfaction
In the pinnacle of the mind
Direction, then distraction

Fall and rise, prominence, demise
A premise built on true lies
Realism, existentialism, but above all pragmatism
The groundwork for the highest possible comprehension

Life's mystery, secrecy, treachery
The foundation of all proven knowledge
Like water from a bitter sweet spring
First, there's the sweetness, then there's the sting

To be, to know, to live
Existence independent of free will
Understanding the nature of harmony
Perfection achieved when all stands still

The symbolism of what's to come
A representation of what now is
Unspoken answer to rhetorical questions
A basis for scrutiny

Unrest, confusion, disorder
Traits of the twisted human psyche
Like leaves on trees they will fall
For cause and effect goes without being told

Inevitability predicts that chaos will dwell
When you open the gates to universal hell
Never mind what's intended, you never can tell
A soul that knows this all to well

Rise beyond, let matters fall
Out of mind, out of sight, out of knowledge
As foretold, magnificence unfolds
And now we await demise

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