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Fear Freestyle Lyrics

Vision with out action is a day dream action with out vision is a nightmare. lets do this ATF success in the air i can feel that bitch coming less than a year. mom tired i can see it in her hair, all my fake homies getting left in rear, everything im not made me every thing i am, ladies invest in me you better apraise me dame thier lost my cool when i heared the lost of Emmitt Boob, product of my enviornment it was hard to choose maybe i was but the product ain't hard to move, and i ain't the only one that got us confuses, even the most innocent ones we all acuse but in work pay my do's, and i never like to lose but every day im praying i ain't got to spray my tool, thy act a fool till they see them bullets it be a lot of random shots it will be a lot of mourning footage but i don't need permission to shot on niggas location if niggas face is charity than my fist is donations, victory who im chasing, get a glipse of me i'm history in the making, and i been hot since 15 when i started clockin that cake in, before the niggas you think you suppose to have fath in, and i ain't thrown shots he was my nigga, im just makin a statement, AND THE MY OTHER COMPOTION IS SOME CLWONS I BID THEM BY i can walk while they racing, and the ones at the finish line take yo high down say good by now the ones i want done can get tied down never told a fib why would i lie now the streets took my brother so why you think my street life would die down, they should of died then sooner or later they going to die, now im going to stay around and watch alot of other fish drown even workin night shitf bitch will here the wispher from the pound my vision is a crown blind side building atf i doing it from the ground my boys sending pictres in their jail house browns, and i'm sending pictures of these bitches in their night gones, they say bullets ain't no names i say these niggas ain't got no aim, ya and i love them all but i aint got no main so when i fuck them and duck them i ain't got no shame i go against the lames i don't go against the grain it hurt when it rain you don't now a nigga pain, but success bring evny an im noticeing the fame make these bitch niggas go insane so i got to stay loaded with that thang, blow it in yo brain this is lyrical cocaine poke it in yo vains i want my risk on ap glow is in the chain. rnb on my frames but i now these boys aint stupid they now when it come to me i never been a looser they just sit back and watch how i do it weather products or units im going to move it garanteed checks im a hoop it im a baller so want if we both had here you love her i don't recall her if you was like me you should of charged her never lokk back cause i can't wait for tomorrow you probably want to duoble back but i ot to take you foward never been consider a warmer i'm a starter i dont work harder i work harder It just dont add up happy holidays.

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