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Fever Moon (Demo) Lyrics

You're hot fog
I can feel you and you're not far off
I can taste you and you're what i want
But i can't know you when your in my arms

You're burnt sky
A fever moon that makes the sun jealous of night
Your lava lips put forth branding iron eyes
Fix them on to me and bring me back to life

You're quicksand
A work and fight would just sink deeper in the end
And every morning say i won't get stuck again
But by nightfall, baby, here i always am

You tie myself in knots
You come and shake me loose
I'm bound up in you
We push till your through
Lit up with proof

I bite your belly soft
You make maps on my back
You blockade the door
I sink to your floor
Get ready for war

You're hot fog
The bad decision that i lie here waiting on
Staring down your next mistake can take so long
When i hear your footsteps
Babe, i don't care that it's wrong

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