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Follow Robin Down Lyrics

If you're sad, feeling low
And you've got nowhere to go
you make mistakes
and you never learn
Now you've got nowhere to turn

Don't be scared, I have a plan
I know a place, I know the man
Cowboy boots and back catalogue
White Russians and a monologue
Put him on, turn it up, and rip him off
A hired guitar and no fixed abode
A howl and a suspended chord
A broken heart, a swinging door, the open road

When you're lost follow Robin down
To the darkness where he hangs around
You can hear him sing his songs
Of how he bounced off woman
Where it all went wrong
Screaming at the dreamers, holding up a light
In the darkness

If you're ever stuck
In the middle of the night
You can't get out
You don't believe in light
well there is hope
like there is hell
It's like going home
It's like getting well

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