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For The Price Of A Song Lyrics

One day when times ain't so tight
One day we'll rise & live again
One day I'll set my shit up right
And find myself
And I'll come back....to find you then
One day when coward's not my name
One day I'll get up off the floor
One day I'll turn and face the flame
And you will show me to the door
And we won't look back again

Because I bought into a lie
Because yesterday is gone away
And because a drink ain't the
Price of a song anymore

I'd say got me gaunt and kind of rare
I hear my punchline failing down below
In the air
I close my eyes and peek at all of
My old friends down there
A weak wave bye to all the Townes
I've known
Through the tunnel now I see the light
And if I don't trip up & I don't get caught
One day I might make that final move
The way you're tellin' me I ought
And we'll find one day
Sooner then we thought

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