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Funkdefining Lyrics

Ooooh ye yeah
We're gonna do anything you want to
Going left to right

Drinks are flowing
There's something in the air tonight
Never knowing just where we gonna end up
All spontaneity is right
Everybody's in the mood, it's fine (so fine)

We don't want to know the time
Cos we found ourselves so caught up in those disco lights
What to talk and where to go,
What you want and who you know
It doesn't matter cos we're throwing down

And we celebrating Funkdefining
Touching you with that ever smooth
Nothing but the good thing Funkdefining
Just keep that soul in you

Something special is happening before my eyes
All those people Just dancing to the beat they're feeling
There ain't no sign of a fight
Everybody's being cool it's fine


[chorus] × 2times

It doesn't matter what you do
As long as you are shaking down it's cool
Party just feels alright
We'll take this through the night
Ain't no stopping us cos we're far survive

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