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Gun Clown Lyrics

How me fi tunn gun clown? Me nah do that
Man have gun bag round town, me nah do that
Have it and nuh know how it sound, me nah do that
Hype and yuh neva lick ah bank, me sey cou that
Tek yuh last gi man fi buy gun, me nah do that
Police hold yuh, yuh say ah my gun, me nah do that
Real thugs buss it dem nah come ask you that
Man ah Kartel man ah nuh Carbon yuh get that

Nuff bwoy ah nuh real gun man, a gun puppet dem
Real thugs want ah gun lock and run guh get dem
Di mount ah money dem bowy spend every weekend
Di shot dem him buy dem, load di gun and hide dem
Aright then, nah buss dem him ongle duss dem
Tek him time rub off di rust then di bwoy ah cruff then
Tell me bout him know Dudus dem sey Zeeks ah buss dem
As soon as him spoken some west man mek him head open
Listen, me have me own me own
Doh care If ah bwoy wha bend, gwaan guh bend then
Nah guh lock nuh big long gun fi none ah me friend dem
Yuh see Rohand and yuh see him gun will ah fi him gun


Nuff bwoy wey sey dem ah bad man, dem ongle dream it

Nuff man wey sey dat a dem ah di big man, dem really nuh mean it
Me neva see them with no gun yet, rachette me see him with
Warlord, dig di pit and fling him in it
Kartel is di champion inna di shouting contest, me move strategic
This army friend man gi yuh fi keep it, hear it and squeeze it
Mac 90 rifle Boston beat it, yuh flesh ah guh beat it
Marrow fly go Egypt, man kick yuh head like dem ah tek free kick


Tru ah man From down suh guh gi him ah gun, yuh
It's like di bwoy nuh like fi see how di scheme ah run
Diss real thugs and get cut up like ah Easter bun
When dem check him ah come back fi war, him and police ah come
Thugs nuh run, cyaaa dem buss dem own gun ah nuh fi Peter gun
Hundred and fifty inna di clip, gi him di maximum
Sen fi taxi but him pronounce before di taxi come
Blood ah run like when voice champs ah keep ah stadium
Tru mo wild di bredda got him uncle license gun
Bwoy ah look trouble and ah run when him see trouble ah come
Nozzle inna yuh mouth blow copper like bubble gum
Juss like fan same suh him gal ah blow pan me

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