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I Am The Man Lyrics

I am the man, I am the man, am the man
Up in this booth so let me introduce myself to all the haters that debate on what I do they in my face but I fade away and shoot I beat up the basket that’s the way I hoop yea just like a bottle of vodka I’m aboslut the proof is the product im hotter and that’s the truth I squish the competition with the bottom of my shoe but competition is none so what am I to do and I was worth it yea since they birth me but now I murder these verse put em in hearses I ate all the food on my plate but I am thirsty from open mics to flashin lights I learned it and what I learned is that the game aint for certain so I live my life I aint worried while I fly mile high behind curtain
I am the man, am the man X4

Down side ... came off ...
Trapping in the ...

Living with my momma, ‘till I got busted
Down on my dick, maybe start...
. Working, signing alemon’ money
Six sale phone, distribute to junkies,
Mad ... got ... to the money
Turn a war on ... then I ...
. Down for the zombie
For the junkie
Billie down man ... ever since I was a youngie
Blue curly chain like it came from ...
Calling jury like my name was Willy Wanker,

To the club show tall like the tonker

I am the man, am the man X4

I am the man; make it jumbo
Keep the game hot like a big pot of gumbo,
Do dumb shit, but don’t be thinking that I’m dumb, bro’
Watch what you say, I hear it all like I’m Dumbo
Dumb Ho, you say you wanna rumbo, is you dumb ho?
Toe to Toe, you bound to stutter or stumbo
Take your tough talk down to a mumbo (mumble)
It ain’t going down in my house like Mutumbo,
But it’s definitively an honor to light yo scalp up for the money like I'm 'pirana'?
BROTHER, brother, I consider it a pleasure
To break you down to minimal measure just for the (leasure)
(Leasure)? Oh shit, my bad, I meant the leisure
Forgot who I was talking to like I got amnesia?
Damn, back on the track again, the mac is back again
Get the word out to them boys and tell’em pack it in

I am the man, am the man X4

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