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I Awake Lyrics

I'm awake, no I'm not scared,
Shoot an apple off my head
Fire and ice, all in between
Of this world, and all unseen
No one knows just why we're here
Embrace the doubt and face the fear
It's all about the endless search
To be a hunter gatherer

I'm going out

I awake unto this day
I'm going out to make a change
I've fallen down, and gotten up
Been searching everywhere for love
I've let it go, welcomed it in
I wear the scars upon my skin
The stroke was real, the force is great
My heart is an adventurer

I'm going out

I've tried to make this life my own
To find myself, I've searched alone
To let love go and let it in
I felt it burning like a sin
I've worked it out, but learned it hard
That's something's certain - life is ours
So I won't settle down and watch either way
I'm going out

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