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I'm Your Man Lyrics

I lifted up the storm drain and pushed my hands into the dirt

There's a secret here hidden somewhere

And the words repeated psalm-like cause that's my birthright.

I wondered if I could get low enough to the ground with my headphones on and the fire ants biting at my hands…

Don't worry there's a master plan

I was bitten by a sour frame of mind that day

And I didn't mean to treat you in a hurtful way

But my dreams had all expired and my thoughts were static

I was looking at my future in a box in the attic

Will you please come see me, we could form a new band

Does that sound like a reacouring bad luck hand

I'm a microphone

I'm a tambourine

I'm a record sleeve

I'm a melatron

I'm your man

I shall wear the impossible dream in a tattoo on my arm for my friends to see

To remind me when my focus turns from love to depression

And I'll pray to George Harrison's reincarnation

It was After The Gold Rush spinning in my heart

And I thought we could invent a supernatural art

But the band went down in a fiery zeppelin

And I smashed my guitar at the gates of heaven

And the well in the Murakami book went dry

Mr Wind Up Bird can you tell me why

So I looked for the answer in Norwegian Wood

And the million little pieces of my childhood

The billion little pieces of my childhood.

I'm a perfect rhyme

I'm a drum machine

I'm a radio

I'm a symphony

I'm your man

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