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I Need To Be Lyrics

Oh she looks so good
I've got her real good in my mind
I've told her a thousand times
God knows she understands
Every day she marches into my eyes
Roam around my brain
I've got his journey I'm thinking of
Where she'll help me all the way
I need to walk this narrow road
The time is almost overdue
One last stab at inspiration
While one last thread holds the bridge
Another fair and I'm really for the woods
Do I have a house to live in?
Am I to be a people's person?
Do I walk away with an aimless shrug
Eyes always looking over the next meadow?
Or do I win your heart?
Make you see me as a real friend
Where's the place I need to be?
What's that power I know I got?
Lord God I'm looking for it

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