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I Want What You Want Lyrics

No fudging of results
No madonnas or bob hopes
Who've changed the angels in the rectory
To flat chested valkeries,
Flying patrick dempsies
Pushing puppy dogs and pregnancies.
The re-distributed, spread thin,
Shared with all and given to none
Take special growing pills
Offer gauze pads and glasses of water,
Methodist father cop on the flag
Make to leave and gather at the icecapades
Under the sunday evening disney anesthesia,
Naturalized and neutral citizens
Of leaking, wealthy architecture.
I whistle like a lunatic,
A dignified, sad parakeet,
A plastic, touring rotary phone,
A rosary instant fish in a cell,
Ready and skilled,
A drowsy, dizzy infant reganomic radon mess
Of sci-fi sabbaths and recovery,
A dead star, a bowed bird, a retard, a zero?
And in some third earth first
Super future time spending cabaret,
A sentence spilling on the pavement,
We know cutting ruins fairness.
Cheating is the enemy of learning,
We must remain chaste, champ,
Smooth jazz chimps, reach out,
Touch faith and above all,
Protect the mall.
I am made of bad dreams
That i made but you helped.
Now i'm about to lose my mouth
In the third world war.
Now where did i leave off?
The microwave freeze pop,
The pigeon-toed parents
Of exhausted resource
Sucking on tailpipes,
Glue huffing back black gasps of singed mustache,
Check ups and paycuts,
Weight loss workouts,
Slimy mutant friendly awesome jesus helpers
Who are generous with salvation
Must be taken advantage of,
Tease them with the dry fuck rollercoaster
Of retracted high fives
At their nabisco discos
In the chill out room
At the church lock in
On disarming sleep over creation myth predictable,
Needlessly cautionary permission slip,
Star search armistics,
Cabbage patch lap dance breeding camp
Egg hunt race related get away,
The taste test practice shot test
Drop challenged games for observation,
Pasteurizing pre-assessment of cognizance
Classroom's nature manufacture sign-up sour radar-swept,
Restricted incubation rec room medicine
And parents only admitted beyond this point
The labotomizing lottery retreat
Where kids and ideas can just get together
And hang out and have it be okay
The data is ok
The mid stream straight shot
Is all roll and no rock.
We make a better baby easier
Without the mother fuckers.
Somewhere they will set aside a little fenced area
For all the heteros
And execute the shit out of us.

They long to raise up little
Diane arbus-molly ringwald-donna reeds
On pharmaceutically orange marmelaid flavored formala
The orums in the orbiter with space plant police
(they keep the house so neat).
Delete our video strip search swear word discourse
To snip the stem to staff infection,
Listen to them play the keep away
Behind my wall of secret knocks
Zoloft adopted drammamine,
Sea legs in the twilight
Cliver olive oil feverish uneasy/even,
Dizzy learning still to shake in one direction at a time.

Now i want what you want
And god wants the team to win.
Bless us with big stars and gold ribbons,
Allow us to perform routine procedures
With comfortable and realistic smiles on our faces.
Lord, make us effective in celebrating financial contentment,
Space travel, lawn care, juice bars, and asbestos.

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