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I Was Wrong Lyrics

Wait a minute baby
Don't leave just yet
I can explain baby
But it looks like the more I talk
The madder you get
It's not what you think it is
Trust me, I wouldn't do you no harm
She means nothing to me
The whole time I was imagining
It was you in my arms
You in my arms

I was wrong
And I admit it
My explanations
Don't seem to get it
I was wrong
And my heart can't take it
If you leave me now
I'm not gonna make it
I'm not gonna make it-no
What about the good times baby
What about all the fun we had together
It meant a lot to me baby
It must have meant something to you
Well ok, I see your point
But baby please
Don't let a little thing like this come between us
'Cause our love is bigger than this
It's more than this
It's bigger than the universe
It's bigger than life

(Chorus x2)

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