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If God Cuts You Down Lyrics

You've been all the way to the borderline and past.
Finding all the answers your hometown couldn't crack.
When you found that ghost singing in the grooves, the sounds echoed through the canyon and the moon heard it too.
You learned not to cry 'cus the desert eyes know not a tear.
But when you fell to the ground out of the stratosphere...
You spoke not a word, and it made such a sound.
When you find your feet planted firmly on the ground.
And what you found couldn't be measured in miles or fear.
Got some words from a hard working man who knew nothing of the stratosphere.
He said "You'll find what you're looking for, and you may fail at that, but there's so much more."
"Where will you go?"
Where the cold winds blow.
"You don't want to go down..."
Where the cold winds blow

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