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If I'm Drowning Lyrics

If I'm drowning within your open sea
Save me, save me
If I'm lost within your strange anatomy
Talk to me, talk to me
If I'm on fire and I'm melting in the heat
Touch me, touch me
If I'm tangled in your raw philosophy
Then you better walk with me
Walk with me

I’m just walking across your heart
In spite of the weather
(won’t you walk with me?)

If I'm dancing through your passages and fall
Catch me, catch me
If I'm screaming in your sky and tell you all
Hear me, hear me
If I'm feigning coherence and calmness
Laugh with me, laugh with me
If I tremble at your close proximity
Then you better believe me
Believe me

I can see you now
I can hear you now
I can feel you now
I can taste you now
In spite of the weather

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