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If You Come Back Lyrics

For all this time
I've been lovin' you girl
Oh yes I have
And ever since the day you left me here alone
I been tryin' to find
Oh,the reason why

Bridge:So if I did something wrong
Please tell me
I wanna understand
Cos I don't want
This love to ever end

Chorus:And I swear
If you come back in my life
I'll be there till the end of time
Oh yeah
(Come back to me,back into my life)
And I swear
I'll keep you right
By my side
Cos baby your the one I want
(Come back to me back into my life)
Oh,yes you are

I watched you go
Takin' my heart with you
Oh yes you did
Every time I tried
To reach you on the phone
Baby you're never there
Girl you're never home



Maybe I didn't know
How to show it
And maybe I didn't know
What to say
This time I won't disguise
Then we can build our lives
So we can be as one

Chorus X2

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