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Impending Doom Lyrics

Bro this beat is simply retarded yo,
Sound like it came off the hate Ricky Ricardo show
Lucy on the phone she said "You're not home"
Woozy eyed, chromed out newly fried dome
What they say "When in Rome, do OM"
He don't need much to construed a crude poem
A few bones for an intelligent plan
A couple a grand, and an elephant man hand
Bring a skeleton ya might get a whole jam
Sell it in ya Mom n Pop records ta souls stand
Just don't tell em when a Rock n Roll fan,
He don't eat gelatin, hot or cold ham,
Ya'll don't know the same Daeledus I know

Just to earn trust he try to make me bust a wino
He said "Don't worry, he already did his thinkin"
I tapped him with the 'chete said "Why he still blinkin?
Untie him, do your own dirty"
He shot em and told em "You're not worthy"
So I says "What happened to ya skull piece?
Alotta yall rappers be rappin to dull beats"

He's Robotrons right hand,
A pro-con white man with a Cali-like tan
I'ma like "Tracks is alright man, but uh I don't know
Like where's his other foot at?
Forget it yo."

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