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Intro Lyrics

Paparazzi: Saweetie! Saweetie! ICY! ICY GRL! ICY! Is that how you say it? Sweetie?
Saweetie: Saweetie
Paparazzi: Saweetie, could we get a photo, darling, please? Just one photo
Saweetie: You know, I really gotta go
Paparazzi: Could you say something into the camera? My girlfriend, she loves you. She loves you, could you just... if you could say one thing to her, and the ICY GRLS out there, what would it be?
Saweetie: Uh... um...
Paparazzi: Into the camera, please
Saweetie: Okay. You know what, sis? Get into your bag. Stay focused. Leave these bum ass niggas alone

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