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It All Comes Back Again Lyrics

There's a place on the corner mixing gossip up with gin
And the face in the window can always tell you who's been in
Well you moved to the country to lose the smoke and the crowd
But night like this you always wind up where the air is thick and music's loud

Every breath has its meaning
You're blowing out and I'm breathing in
So take care what you do
'Cause it all comes back again

There's a sign on the highway telling everyone to rejoice
Every moment is a crossroad, everyone must make a choice
When you love take it easy 'cause shortcuts are a waste of time
And the years bring back people you've been holding in your mind

There's a man in a white house selling everyone a used car
And he plays with his prophets, dreams that he's a football star
But the dreams rain down fire on the little plastic men
And if you think it doesn't hurt you, you had better think again

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