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It's Goin' Down Tonight Lyrics

(Intro/Chorus x2 - Nate Dogg, Isaac Reese)
It's goin down tonight
I'll do your body right
If you have the time
It's goin down tonight

(Nate Dogg)
You must be a special lady, I know
Cos everywhere we go
You always bring attention to me
You gotta be a special lady, fo' sho'
I know, I love the way you makin me tweek (Ooooh baby)
Love the outfit you're wearin, that's dope
Just as sure as chronic makes me choke
Girl I never ever want you to leave (Heeehay lady)
Would you like to go and see a movie? Let's go
I hope we can make another movie tonight (Ooooh baby)
First we'll get in the jacuzzi, no clothes
I know, in a minute I'll be lickin you dry (Heeeeey)
The next scene is really amazing, no joke
You prone, girl it's on

(Chorus w/ ad lib variations x2)

(Isaac Reese)
The love I'm tryin to give
is better than a one night stand
They say you're a hell of a woman
Well I can be a hell of a man
The way you stole my heart
I'd even cook you breakfast in bed
And you don't have to move a muscle
Just lay back and relax, chill

(Chorus w/ ad-lib variations x2)

(Danny "Butch" Means)
It seems like only yesterday
I first met you
Grey skies turned blue
I wish I knew
Why do you always hesitate?
What did I do?
All I wanna do is be with you
Baby can it go down

(Chorus w/ ad-lib variations to fade)

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